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Spørgsmål: I am interested in a door that has one security point anchored into the floor. I am in the process of renovating my apartment and I assume after putting new flooring in place (hardfloor or tile) the door will need to be cut on the bottom... ???
It is possible to cut our door in limited extent (cca 2cm).
We would also need to cut the ending of the bottom rod (Fi 14mm) so that it doesn’t stick out the door.
The leading metal T-piece which is in the door will be moved deeper inside so that the door security wouldn’t be affected.
What concerns the matching piece fitted in the floor -- it has to be taken out and set higher to ensure that the gap between the piece and the rod stays minimal.

The matching piece is always longer than the degree to which the door is cut  which means the matching piece will  always hold  well also in the original floor. It’s not necessary to be concerned about the new flooring; when applied properly, it can only increase the door security. In case of a floating floor, it is necessary to leave space around the matching foor piece. This way, when the floor expands due to temperature and humidity, it will not move the matching piece and will not interfere with locking of the door. 
You may find more about locking into the floor including photo at:


The main advantage of a secure point set into the floor in comparison with a door locking into the door frame is that this point is resistant against breaking into the house during the whole process of the door opening. We definitely reccomend it.
You may find useful information about the process of apartment renovations at:

07. 01. 2009 


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