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Spørgsmål: I have your security door installed in my apartment. I want to ask -- what’s the heat transmission index with this type of front door?

Every door that separates space and is closed has, of course, its own heat transmission index. The inportance of the value of this index is related to the difference between the temperatures on the inside and outside of the door. If these temperatures are equal or do not show a big difference then the numeric value of this index is not substantial. The corresponding STN (Slovak technical norm) has been developed accordingly, and it doesn’t require the listing  the maximal value of heat transmission index in the case of a door set inside of a building.  This limitation is valid only for doors fitted in the building’s outer wall where the HTI should be less than 1.7.
We haven’t tested our basic door to HTI but we may compare it to similar values valid for fire-proof door where the only difference is the inner lining. This type of door has the heat transmission index at k=1,95. Such a value is certainly lower than values of HTI of the separating beams in which the door is fitted.

07. 10. 2008 


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