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Spørgsmål: Why is it said that you are the best security door company on the market?
We are happy to hear that this is said. These are our main signs: - we have 10-year experience, and that not only on the Slovak market - we have our own development, production, stores, transpostation, installation and a non-stop service - all our doors are tested and certified according to the newest european directives for security, fire proofness, bullet proofness, sound and thermal insulation - doors have a 24 month-warranty, multi-bolted locks even 84 months - we offer doors suitable to appartments, houses, cottages, as well as other objects, all in various surfaces sucha s smooth, slat, profile, colour or even glass - our security doors are operated by a safe multi-bolted lock, which is locked by a cogwheel, which absolutely prevents from pressing all the secure points, is certified and has a 84 month-warranty. Learn more about us on our website or in any of our ADLO stores.
12. 07. 2004 
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