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Spørgsmål: Could you advise me please, what are my security options against careless tenants, who don´t close or lock main entrance door to our appartment house, or what can we doto make the access to the house more difficult?
Main entrances to appartment houses can be secured various ways, but irresponsible tenants are always the problem. To have your own security door to your appartment, which you lock yourself is always most effective. We offer you couple of solutions anyway. It could be for example Fitting in the Knob – knob arrangement, where every visitor has to be picked up from the main entrance door. Then a secured key, which cannot be duplicated without presenting the security card, which is in possession of the landlord. We don´t really recommend cards or other electronics, neither the electronic openers (they get broken often, the door can be opened to anybody, you can´t see to whom you open the door or how many persons come in, etc.)
30. 08. 2004 
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