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Spørgsmål: What purpose do security doors serve if they´re made of glass?
Logical question. Customers have two options of glass to choose from. Either security glass Connex, strengthened with a security foil from the inside. This glass meets regular demands on resistance against breaking in, however, is not security – certified. The other option is specially certified Multisec glass, which meets the highest European Union directives demands on security in Security Classes 2, 3 and 4, always in the same Security Class in which you choose your door. What is put through the hardest and most demanding testing in the accredited testing laboratories is the fastening and anchoring of the glass in the door, so it´s firm enough, resistant against levering from the door, its breaking, dismantling and other commonly used methods of breaking in. This ensures the customer the same security standard as the „full“ door without glass. Both options are available also with Ditherm, a double insulating glass for exterior use. Similar technical arrangements are used also on the skylights. See more details onour website: Security doors – Door design – Glass arrangement – Profile shape.
31. 08. 2004 


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