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Spørgsmål: I am reconstructing my appartment and I want to get a new security door together with a security doorframe,when is the best time to install the doorframe? Before or after setting a new floor?
Your question cannot be answered explicitly, and let us explain why. Each solution has its pros and cons and the decision is only up to you. To dismantle and remove the old doorframe, it is necesary to tear it out not only from the wall, but also from the floor. To make this possible, our technicians need to cut it in the middle with a circular motor saw. This is easier performed on the old floor, since there is a risk of the floor damage when removing the frame from the floor. The construction of our new ADLO doorframe is so ingenious, that the frame needs not to be anchored into the floor. But to be able to install it, we need to know the height of the new floor, which means that installation of the doorframe is simplest after setting the new floor. But since we dismantle the original and install the new doorframe in a single day, we need to find a compromise. Installation of new doorframe is possible only if you as a customer has already decided about the type and material of your new floor and also if the original is to be removed, or if the new one is going to be glued on top of the original. What we need to know, is height of the zero point, on which the fraame will be installed. And the new floor is going to have to fit under it. Therefore, you would have to know the exact thickness of the new floor, since it varies from material to material. And there is also a third option. Have the new floor set, but skip the last row of tiles closest to the frame. We´ll know the exact zero point and will be able to tear out the old and install the new doorframe exactly without any problems. So our recommendation on how to procede is: 1. Best – have the new floor set first, without the last row of tiles closest to the doorframe 2. First get the new doorframe, then floor. Here´s the risk of the right determination of the zero point. 3. First get the new floor, then doorframe. Here´s the risk of damaging the floor while tearing the original frame out. Of course, we are able to perform any of the three options. Our technicians will inspect your old doorframe and you can learn more details there.
14. 04. 2006 


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