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Spørgsmål: I don´t quite understand the difference between the Slat and Profile door surface arrangement. Could you please explain it to me?
I´m sure you know regular smooth, flat door surface. So picture that. „Adding“ slat on top of this flat surface creates a pattern, design on the door, and that is the Slat door surface arrangement. Colour of the slat can be the same or different from the colour of the door. That is your decision. You can also choose from two shapes – or two different shapes of the slat cross-section. The slat arrangement can be done on both sides of the door, or on one only. Or each side can have different slat arrangement. Just to meet your esthetic demands. Profile surface arrangement is just the opposite. Instead of „adding“something extra to the flat door surface, the Profile surface is created by carvinga groove to the surface, using a cutter. To reach design perfection, we use thicker, massif surface boards, which enable to create the grooves deeper and look more plastic. Therefore, the entire door is thicker and it can only be installed into the new ADLO doorframe. It gives the whole entrance bigger, majestic look. This arrangement can be done on both sides, or one side of the door only, or different on each side. If you prefer classic door design, we suggest you choose the natural Veneer surface, stained with one of the many shades we offer. These doors are hand-made by the carpenters and joiners.if you´re, on the other hand, fan of the new, modern look, choose one of the nuemrous shades from the RAL scale, from inconspicuous to bright pastel. These surfaces are repeatedly stoved, which ensures their long durability and resistance against damage, which makes them perfect choice for exterior conditions.
23. 03. 2004 


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