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Spørgsmål: We are interested in getting a security door. Despite your broad offer, we don´t know which door to choose. What door is suitable to an appartment?

To secure an appartment entrance, a security door, security doorframe with ferroconcrete and a security fittinag and cylinder need to be installed. As an entrance door to an appartment, we recommend the Security Class 3 door. The choice in this class are many, and it´s only up to you. Our suggestion would be the Aduo or Teduo kind. Design and surface arrangement is your decision. Door can be installed also into your original metal doorframe, but with additional ferroconcrete enstrengthments. Without these arrangements, security door would not make any sense. In case it´s damaged, deformed or it does not meet the high criteria of our security doors, the new ADLO security doorframe should be installed. Considering the fact that it contains double inside enstrengthments, it increases the door security substantially. Removing your old doorframe and installing the new one would be done by our professional technicians and completed in a single day, so your appartment doesn´t stay open. Variety of security fittings and cylinders is wide, we offer Resist and RB. We suggest to use cylinder in a class higher than the door. For more information visit us in any of our ADLO stores, see list on our website.

21. 06. 2004 


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