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How to protect a cylinder during an apartment reconstruction?

How to protect a cylinder during an apartment reconstruction?

04. 08. 2012

Are you going to renovate your apartment?
Protect the security cylinder in your door!
The biggest enemy of security cylinders is dust. If it enters the security cylinder, the grains of dust may cause its clicking.
The dust in cylinder acts as a fine sandpaper in time. If you further use cylinder damaged this way, some telescopic and side pins may be sanded down to the extent that the cylinder will stop functioning and it has to be repaired or replaced.
How is it possible to keep the dirt off the cylinder?
Very easily: in case of an apartment renovation, plastering or painting, or if the dust produce in the apartment is somehow enhanced, please tape your cylinder over the fitting from inside with a duct tape. This is a simple way how to prevent the dust from entering the cylinder. You may still use your key to lock and unlock the cylinder from the unprotected side on the outside (from the hallway) since it is completely functional.


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