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Spørgsmål: What is your warranty period on the door, hardware and accessories?

Garanti på en sikkerhedsdør er 24 måneder.
Garanti på en låsemekanisme (Elite serien) er mellem 84 og 204 måneder, afhængig af hvilke type sikkerhedsdør.
Garanti på en låsemekanisme (Økonomi serien) er mellem 24 og 48 måneder, afhængig af hvilke type sikkerhedsdør

06. 01. 2016 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I would like to exchange my regular cylinders for security cylinders, what shall I do?

We need to know the exact dimensions of the current cylinders.
To help you find these dimensions, refer to this sketch:

Next, we need to know the type of the cylinder: whether it's a pin-tumbler or so called rim cylinder

12. 12. 2012 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Is it possible to change a left door into a right door or vice versa?

This is not possible due to multiple reasons:
- the door construction is adjusted and strengthened according to the door's orientation
- hinges are welded to the door's construction from the inside
- the mortise lock is set in a pocket, it is not possible to change its position in the door and change the door's orientation
- a door with multi-locking mechanism has an adjusted construction for this mechanism and locking rods
- it is not possible to cover up the holes in the door drilled for fittings and the cylinder in case of a change
Any interference into the door-wing unit would disturb its stability and cancel out the door's security certificate.

13. 08. 2012 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: What does N/A mean, some of your products are marked that way.

N/A (Not Available) means that product does not have a certain thing (certificate, verification etc.) at disposal.
More products may or may not have certain certificates that's why it is important to get advice from an expert

21. 10. 2010 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: How can I be sure that the door is really fireproof when I paid for this treatment?

There is a simple answer to this question: if the door is fireproof, you will receive a fireproof certificate and the technical data is also imprinted on the upper hinge of the ADLO door. Visual control of the treatment is also possible through the door's viewer (the inner composition of the door is visible after the hole is drilled).

10. 05. 2010 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Is it possible to move ADLO security door from one apartment to another?

Yes, it is possible under these technical conditions:
the construction door hole has to be of the same size (width and length).
Our technician will be sent to measure the security door and the construction hole. Please contact the nearest ADLO store and book a technical measuring

14. 01. 2010 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: When is the doorframe painted? After it is installed in its place?

You may order the security or metal ADLO doorframe in following finishes:

1. Without surface finish, only as a zinc plate.


29. 12. 2009 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I have a Resist Emergency cylinder arrangement - is it possible to prevent the door from being opened from the outside by using a key while there is already a key inside the door?

Emergency cylinder arrangement guarentees that you can open the door from the outside even if you forget the key inside the door. That's why we offer this arrangement.
If you want to prevent the door from being opened by the use of a key on outside, you have to buy a standard Resist without this special arrangement

24. 07. 2009 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Does ADLO door offer any fire protection? What is the fire resistance of the door without a fire shield? And what’s the security of a fireproof door? Why isn’t fire protection offered as standard?
We offer ADLO security door in basic design without the fireproof treatment, but you may get fireproof door with various levels of fire resistance (measured in EI/EW) for additional surcharge; it naturally comes with a valid fireproof certificate.
What is included in the fireproof treatment of the security door?
It includes especially:
1. a different filling inside the door; its composition is dependent on required EI/EW values
29. 01. 2009 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I am interested in a door that has one security point anchored into the floor. I am in the process of renovating my apartment and I assume after putting new flooring in place (hardfloor or tile) the door will need to be cut on the bottom... ???
It is possible to cut our door in limited extent (cca 2cm).
We would also need to cut the ending of the bottom rod (Fi 14mm) so that it doesn’t stick out the door.
The leading metal T-piece which is in the door will be moved deeper inside so that the door security wouldn’t be affected
07. 01. 2009 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I have your security door installed in my apartment. I want to ask -- what’s the heat transmission index with this type of front door?

Every door that separates space and is closed has, of course, its own heat transmission index. The inportance of the value of this index is related to the difference between the temperatures on the inside and outside of the door. If these temperatures are equal or do not show a big difference then the numeric value of this index is not substantial

07. 10. 2008 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Could you please explain the difference between ADUO and TESIM types of doors?
These two kinds have the folloeing in common: - double steel frame - double steel board - complete securement of the hinge-side of the door - Mul-T-Lock safe lock And the ADUO kind has the following in addition: - enlarged diameter of the secure points - the firmest secure point into the floor these security extras put it to the Security Class 3, which means High Protection.
03. 01. 2008 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Is it complicated to replace a cylinder with a cogwheel? So far I have only replaced the regular cylinder with a thumb.
Naturally, the cogwheel-cylinder replacement is different from the regular.
Depending on the Your  skills,  You can retrieve and then insert the new cylinder yourself.
In ADLO, this service is provided by our professional technicians - installers
29. 06. 2007 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Are you able to open a locked Resist cylinder without a key, in case I lose my key and there is nobody else who has other keyto the cylinder?

No, we are not. If we could do this, the entire principle of security wouldn´t work. Because in that case, anybody would be able to open the cylinder without using a key, even a thief

22. 01. 2007 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I would like to ask if it is possible to change the entrance door to my appartment without having to change the doorframe?
Our answer is yes. But our recommendation is definitely our special ADLO security doorframe, which is equipped with inner enstrengthments in all points of locking, which unable its bending, breaking or levering. Every special ADLO doorframe is anchored into the wall around its entire perimeter, which guarantees its firmness, stability and unability of its levering or dismantling of the entire doorframe
19. 01. 2007 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I need advice
Lately I bought an appartment with a security door already installed. Only I wasn´t able to find out the brand or producer of the door, so I am not sure who to contact in case if any damage or failure of the door occurs. Only thing I was able to find out was a sign on the lock (Roto)
11. 12. 2006 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: ADLO Security Door Installation
On November 10th, I had my two new ADLO security doors installed by two of Your technicians from Trnava. I would like to express my absolute satisfaction with the high level of quality of their work and appreciate the professional approach with which the entire job was performed. Sincerely, J
13. 11. 2006 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I´m buying an appartment where the ADLO security door is installed. My question is, what do I need to do – do I need to change the cylinder completely, buy a new one or is there a way to recode the installed one.
In this case, there are two options. You can either buy a new security cylinder, or i tis possible to recode the existing one. The recoding can only be done in our store, therefore i tis necessary to dismantle the cylinder and bring it to the store
18. 08. 2006 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Can you tell me how to strengthen my regular appartment door with some kind of security systems, so they´re not accessible for thiefs, but without having to get rid of the old one and the price wouldn´t be too high?
The answer to your question is simple: We can´t. In our field of production, truth is - the lower the price, the lower the security. To open a regular entrance door takes even a less skillful thief less than 5 seconds
11. 08. 2006 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I bought an appartment in an older brick appartment house. My question is, is it possible to install yoour door into this kind of wall as well? Or do you only install it into a panel wall? Thank you.
The answer to your question, if it´s possible to install ADLO security door into a brick wall is clear – yes.
19. 07. 2006 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I would like to ask, if you provide services such as opening of an accidentally locked-out door.
We provide professional warranty service, afrter-warranty service, various services such as opening of an accidentally locked-out door, security cylinder or fitting exchange, etc. The prices depend on the time duration of the service, and also on the door type. Find more details at: http://www
27. 06. 2006 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Security door – ThankYou
Dear ADLO Company Management, during the CONECO 2006 exhibition, my wife and I visited stands of the firms which offered security doors. From numerous options we chose your company. We met with great willingness from your employee Mrs
24. 05. 2006 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I just want to ask, if you offer also cylinders to doors, which are unlocked by a key only from outside and from inside, there is a rotable doorpull?
Of course these are part of our offer and are a frequent choice of our customers. Find more details on our webpage: http://www.adlo
18. 04. 2006 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I am reconstructing my appartment and I want to get a new security door together with a security doorframe,when is the best time to install the doorframe? Before or after setting a new floor?
Your question cannot be answered explicitly, and let us explain why. Each solution has its pros and cons and the decision is only up to you. To dismantle and remove the old doorframe, it is necesary to tear it out not only from the wall, but also from the floor
14. 04. 2006 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I am interested in getting a security door. How should I procede? Where can I find Your mark?
Thank You for your interest in our ADLO security doors. All of our products can be seen in our stores, so may we focus your attention to our original ADLO stores, as well as our contract agencies, where you can learn all of the information needed. Find it at: http://www
20. 10. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Can an additional lock be installed to your security door?
The answe cannot be exact. Only additional locks that don´t interfere with our locking mechanism can be installed in our security doors. We recommend to get advice in our closest store
20. 10. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I need to know how large the opening for a complete installation of a door with a doorframe should be?
Size of the opening depends onthe size of the door you order. Standard-size door (according to the STN directive) needs an opening of 92cm x 205cm. Door of 90cm in width needs an opening of 102cm x 205cm
13. 10. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: What are your delivery periods from ordering the door?
Time period of delivery always depends on the particular order. It begins by measuring the sizes for the door and the standard for regular door is 10 to 14 work days. Atypical orders are solved individually,always after an agreement with customer and the duration is around 6 to 8 weeks
30. 09. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I want to ask if it´s possible to dispose of my old door?
Yes, there is this possibility. After installation of the new door, we will take care and dispose of your old door for an additional cost.
12. 09. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: What do the door itself include?
It always depends on the type of particlular door, for example ADUO security door itself includes: Original ADLO safe lock, two multi-bolted locks, smoth surface arrangement (including a two-colour combination). In addition to that, the door price also includes the Certificate of bulletproofness FB1 (according to the STN EN 1522 directives).
18. 08. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I just want to express my satisfaction.
About 8 years ago I had my security dor produced and installed by your company and I was overly content with the professionality, quality and cleanliness with which the entire job was done. That´s the reason why I chose your company this time, too, which I don´t regret and I will recommend it to my friends. I wish you a lot of satisfied customers
03. 08. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: What is a choice of the surfaces of the security doors suitable for a flat ?
Into interior it is possible to use whichever type of our security doors - plain, cornice, profile and also vitreous doors.
21. 07. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: What is my guarantee that you won´t have the key to the door that you install to my house?
Don´t get me wrong, but you can never be sure. This is the exact reason why our employees don´t have access to the keys before, but only at the installation, you as a customer open the original sealed package of the keys yourself. In addition to that, all of our employees have to pass through a very strict and demanding selection
21. 06. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I notice you sell your doors abroad as well, for example in Austria. What is the difference between doors made for „export“, destined for Austrian customers, and those bought and installed here in Trnava?
All doors from our production, no matter to which town or country they´re exported to, are produced on the same production line, using the exact same materials, meeting the same technology standards and controls. Your ADLO door in Trnava have the exact same quality than doors destined for Austrian customers, even the guarantee of the offered services is the same – sales, measuring, installation, or service, have the same european standard.
21. 06. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Do you also offer exterior doorframe facing,
Yes, there is an option to order a security doorframe with facing in various colour shades, to interior as well as exterior.
23. 05. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Is it possible to order door with profile Veneer surface on one side and smooth surface on the other side?
Yes, there is this option. You can choose from a wide variety of profile shapes and colour options. Also the smooth surface arrangement offers wide scale of colours
20. 04. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I want to ask, how long it takes to install new door together with a new doorframe in an ordinary appartment house? Can it be done in a single day?
Of course, we begin by dismantling Your old doorframe and by afternoon the new door with the doorframe are installed, fully functional and lockable. Entire change takes about 5 to 6 hours. We are able to do this thanks to the unique technique we use , when the doorframe is specially anchored to the panel or wall by welding and then strengthened by ferroconcrete
24. 03. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Do you offer also security doors suitable to family houses?
Yes, we produce security doors fit to exterior (family houses) as well. You can choose any of our ADLO security doors, surface options are smooth surface, slat surface, profile Veneer and glass.
15. 03. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I need two security cylinders, to my appartment and my garage, and I would like to open them with a single key.
We offer this option, or service. All you need to do is choose cylinder type and size and they can be unified for a single key. We also offer masterkeying
28. 01. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: What about the bulletproofness of yur doors? Because the competitors only offer this resistance at a very high additional charge.
All our doors are certified for balistic resistance grade FB1 according to EN STN 1522, even in the basic standard. See link: http://www.adlo
10. 01. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Are doors in a higher security level already automatically fire-proof, or do I need to pay extra charge for it to be fire-proof and sound-proof?
The fire-proof arrangement can be done on all types of our doors. The basic standard does not include it. For additional charge, you can get fire-proof arrangement up to EI45/EW60
10. 01. 2005 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Could you explain, what exactly is the difference betweensecurity door in Security Class 2 and 3?
Security testing of security doors according to European directive ENV 1628 includes also a manual attempt to get through the door in a determined time, using an exactly defined tools. Of course, the higher the class, the more improved the tools and longer time. The most important difference between Classes 2 and 3 is: Tools in Class 2 don´t include the most „important“ tool – a lever
03. 12. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: How long do you think it would take to open an ordinary entrance door that we have in our appartment?
An ordinary appartment entrance door, for example in Class 3, can be opened in 10 seconds at the most. All yu need is to choose the right tools and know how to do it. Of course for security reasons this is not the right place to explain the details
29. 11. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Can I choose the colour and surface arrangement of my door, or is it pre-set?
Naturally, customer chooses the door design, e.g. surface himself
25. 11. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Are your doors sound-proof?
Yes, our door have sound-insulation as well.
17. 11. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I woud like to ask, if you install a new doorframe with the new door, or I can keep my old doorframe?
Our recommendation would be a special ADLO security doorframe, which contains inner enstrengthments in all locking points, which prevent its breaking, tearing off and levering. Each special ADLO security doorframe is anchored into the wall around its entire perimeter, which ensures its firmness, stability and impossibility of levering or tearing off the whole doorframe. The surface is stoved, which also guarantees higher protection
26. 10. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Where can I see the catalogue of your security doors?
You can find all information about our sortiment of security doors, that means even more that you´ll find in a catalogue, on our webpage. If you insist on seeing the catalogue, all you have to do, is call to any of our ADLO stores and we will gladly send it to you. We suggest that you visit nearest ADLO store, where ur staff will gladly introduce our security doors and answer any questions
26. 10. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: What solutions for keys ad cylinders do you suggest, or offer, when I lose my key or when it is stolen?

We offer and suggest Resist security cylinders and of course we offer a complete service. If you lose yoour key ir if your key is stolen from you, visit any of our ADLO stores, where we will take care of everything, either recode your cylinder (for this you need a security card that you received at the cylinder purchase, the original cylinder and two of the original keys) or we can provide, through our NonStop service, a quick cylinder exchange.

14. 10. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Can I get a detailed calculation of the installation and transportation, sum by sum? And is it possible to do some of the things myself?
Final price of our procduct and services is always composed of particular sums, depending on door type, equipment, transportation, installation etc. We provide comlete warranty to all of the works and services we perform. Of course if you wish, you can purchase door and/or doorframe without the installation
27. 09. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I am planning to buy a new security cylinder to ADLO door, how much will it cost, including the labour?
The cylinder price depends on on the door, that means on the calinder type, size and arrangement. All cylinder prices are stated on our website or in any ADLO store. The installation takes about half an hour
27. 09. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: What purpose do security doors serve if they´re made of glass?
Logical question. Customers have two options of glass to choose from. Either security glass Connex, strengthened with a security foil from the inside
31. 08. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Could you advise me please, what are my security options against careless tenants, who don´t close or lock main entrance door to our appartment house, or what can we doto make the access to the house more difficult?
Main entrances to appartment houses can be secured various ways, but irresponsible tenants are always the problem. To have your own security door to your appartment, which you lock yourself is always most effective. We offer you couple of solutions anyway
30. 08. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Can doors in an appartment house be outwards – openable, meaning opened in the outside direction, to the hallway and staircase? Is there any law or directive regulating this?
No, considering security. Our security doors are certified against breaking in from both sides, inward- and outward-openable. Certain doors, serving as a n emergency fire exits, have to be openable in the outside direction, out to the hallway
30. 08. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I want to know, what happens if I accidentally leave my keys inside the door and lock myself out? How can I get in, can a locksmith get through the door? Can the door be damaged or even have to be replaced?
For this kind of situations there is our NON STOP breakdown service. When this happens, we suggest that you contact the firm which installed your door. They know the door construction best and therefore can open it for you without causing any damage to the door
11. 08. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Can an ordinary FAB cylinder be used in ADLO security door?
ADLO security doors contain safe multi-bolted mechanism, known as the core of the door, which is operated by a cylindrical cylinder, but with a cogwheel arrangement, and that makes it impossible to use a regular cylinder. The cogwheel is an advantage of this cylinder, because in any position of the cylinder, it is not possible to press all the secure points and is locked by a single turn of the key. For security reasons, i tis always recommended to use a cylinder one class higher than the door
29. 07. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I have a problem with my cylinder, the key can be inserted into the cylinder very hardly. Could the lock be somehow oiled, or do I need to get a new one?
Yes, cylinders can be oiled. An original FAB spray can be used, as well as the WD Spray. They can be bought in any key service shop
20. 07. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Why is it said that you are the best security door company on the market?
We are happy to hear that this is said. These are our main signs: - we have 10-year experience, and that not only on the Slovak market - we have our own development, production, stores, transpostation, installation and a non-stop service - all our doors are tested and certified according to the newest european directives for security, fire proofness, bullet proofness, sound and thermal insulation - doors have a 24 month-warranty, multi-bolted locks even 84 months - we offer doors suitable to appartments, houses, cottages, as well as other objects, all in various surfaces sucha s smooth, slat, profile, colour or even glass - our security doors are operated by a safe multi-bolted lock, which is locked by a cogwheel, which absolutely prevents from pressing all the secure points, is certified and has a 84 month-warranty. Learn more about us on our website or in any of our ADLO stores
12. 07. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: We are interested in getting a security door. Despite your broad offer, we don´t know which door to choose. What door is suitable to an appartment?

To secure an appartment entrance, a security door, security doorframe with ferroconcrete and a security fittinag and cylinder need to be installed. As an entrance door to an appartment, we recommend the Security Class 3 door. The choice in this class are many, and it´s only up to you

21. 06. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: I don´t quite understand the difference between the Slat and Profile door surface arrangement. Could you please explain it to me?
I´m sure you know regular smooth, flat door surface. So picture that. „Adding“ slat on top of this flat surface creates a pattern, design on the door, and that is the Slat door surface arrangement
23. 03. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: Do you also manufacture your doors, or do you just sell them?
That is a very good question and important for each customer. As we mention on our website in the “Company information“ section, we have: - our own production and manufacture - own sales in original ADLO stores - our own installation - our own service What it means for our customers is that we, ADLO company, take full responsibility and therefore provide warranty for each action and operation in the entire process.
26. 01. 2004 [fortsættelse]
Spørgsmål: There are many companies in Slovakia that offer security doors, on which criteria should I choose one?
We advie couple of important hints, upon which to decide: - serious and experienced company should have at least 10 years of experience on the market - good references (banks, courts, ..
02. 01. 2004 [fortsættelse]

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