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Spørgsmål: Does ADLO door offer any fire protection? What is the fire resistance of the door without a fire shield? And what’s the security of a fireproof door? Why isn’t fire protection offered as standard?
We offer ADLO security door in basic design without the fireproof treatment, but you may get fireproof door with various levels of fire resistance (measured in EI/EW) for additional surcharge; it naturally comes with a valid fireproof certificate.
What is included in the fireproof treatment of the security door?
It includes especially:
1. a different filling inside the door; its composition is dependent on required EI/EW values
2. the use of a fireproof tape along the perimeter of the door
3. a fireproof certificate with a proof that the door was set on fire and proofed in a testing station
All of the above mentioned is not included in the standard door design, that’s why we consequently add a surcharge.
What’s the fire resistance of the door that is not fireproof?
All our doors are fire resistant. It naturally results from the fact that their construction consist of metal which means they will certainly not burn in a case of fire.
However, we cannot specify the value according to STN EN 1634 because such door hasn’t been tested for fire.
We also cannot give you fireproof certificate for a basic door type. These are the reasons why this type of door costs less.
And why isn’t fire protection offered as standard?
There are more reasons:
1. Not every customer needs the security door to be also fireproof; example is an entrance into the storage room, the cellar, the strong room. Fireproof requirements are clearly stated in the project documentation for the building.
2. What also happens quite often is that when we replace the old door by a new one, this old door wasn’t originally fireproof while the new door should be fireproof according to recent regulations. This happens especially in the buildings constructed before 1970. Customer may specify which type of door he would like and if he really need the fireproof certificate.
3. The main point is that the ability to be fireproof and security require contradicting qualities. In detail, fireproof door has to separate the warmth flow going through the door as best as possible. This means that the door construction must isolate all the possible places of heat penetration. On the other hand, considering security, the best door construction is the most compact one which means the most and the best welded one. So the result is either a security door with a fireproof surface that accommodates both requirements; or a substantially more secure door that is not limited by fireproof requirements. And all this in spite of the fact that both doors were tested and certified for security and placed into the same security class. You may compare the strength of the door filled with a mineral padding and that filled with a security raster.
Why should the customer pay then for something extra that is not necessary and lowers the door security?
Our effort is to offer the customer maximal security for an appropriate price.
That is the reason why we do not use fireproof door design automatically and as a standard.
29. 01. 2009 


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