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Spørgsmål: Can you tell me how to strengthen my regular appartment door with some kind of security systems, so they´re not accessible for thiefs, but without having to get rid of the old one and the price wouldn´t be too high?
The answer to your question is simple: We can´t. In our field of production, truth is - the lower the price, the lower the security. To open a regular entrance door takes even a less skillful thief less than 5 seconds. No strengthening will help it. If somebody tries to convince you otherwise, it´s a lie, don´t believe it. He can´t prove it. And you could be unpleasantly surprised if your door was actually attacked. If your security truly is your concern, visit any of our stores, where we´ll gladly give you andy information or advice on how to secure your home the best. To see the list of our stores, go to: http://www.adlo.sk/index.php?id=17&sid=33ae48e40afc40d70f0bf0daf2cff8ac
11. 08. 2006 
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